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San Diego Bay tagging last week

I went tagging aboard the Deja Vu last week with Kim and Ed. We tagged a bunch of spotties in South Bay and around Habor Island...also caught-and-released a legal halibut! Thanks, guys!

DFG meeting tomorrow (Nov 6) to discuss bass regulations

Use the link to follow the starts at 9am, but the bass regulations are on agenda item 4, which will likely be sometime just before lunch.

Another nice calico pic from last week!

Devon lands a great fish...ready for tagging!

Article in the La Jolla Light about the tagging

Take a look at the recent article by Will Bowen in the La Jolla Light! Will has come tagging with us several times. Great article, Will! Thank you!

Featured WON article about the project by Pat McDonell

Check out Pat's article about the project in Western Outdoor News! Pat came tagging with us last week to catch some calicos and report about the research. Great article!

Calico tagging yesterday in La Jolla (Fri, Nov 2)

We had another productive trip yesterday! We fished with Ron Baker aboard the Point Loma from the northwest corner of La Jolla south to about Marine St, and tagged another 100 calicos, including a nice fish at about 5lbs. We also got a few more recaptures! Thanks to Fred Huber from the Daily Double for passing us live squid in the morning! And thanks to Matt from Optimum Baits for bringing out a ton of plastics for everyone to use! We also stopped off Crystal Pier on our way back in, and with the help of Kris Karpow on the Sea Watch, we were able to fill the tanks with more live squid! Thank you, Kris!!! Both trips aboard the Point Loma this week were really successful. Thank you to everyone who came out with us! This project wouldn't be possible without the help and support of everyone. Check back soon for more charter updates!

Results from today's tagging trip!

We had a great day on the water today!! It started off slowly in the morning fog, but the bite turned on in the afternoon off Wind'n'Sea. We tagged a total of about 130 calicos, and caught-and-released about a dozen kelp rockfish and a half dozen sheephead. Ron Baker is a great guy who loves to fish calicos more than anything, so it was a pleasure having him captain the Point Loma. Now it's time to start tagging spotties and sand bass in Mission and San Diego Bay in addition to the calico charters!

More calico charters this week!

We have two charters scheduled this week on Oct 30th (Tues) and Nov 2nd (Fri). We'll be fishing northwest La Jolla with a limited load of about 15 people...hopefully tag a bunch more calicos and sand bass! We still have a couple spots left, so email us at if you can make either of the trips. They'll run 6am-6pm each day. I'll send you the details if you can make it.

More pics from La Jolla and Point Loma

Fishing La Jolla and Point Loma Oct 22nd, 24th, and 25th

This week we had three awesome days on the water. We fished aboard the Sea Watch and the Daily Double in La Jolla and Point Loma, and we tagged and released over 800 bass in three trips. One of the goals of the project is to tag fish inside marine reserves to compare measurements of population size and movement patterns both inside and outside the reserve boundaries, so we were permitted to tag and release inside local marine reserves. Two of our trips this week focused on tagging inside La Jolla cove, and we caught a lot of nice calicos, including a few over 7lbs and several in the 4-6lb range. The crews aboard the Sea Watch and Daily Double are all great guys who are really helpful. We have two more trips scheduled next week! All of our bass charters are open to the public for free. All you need to do is contact us with your email (, and we'll put you on the email list for upcoming trips. We have a lot more fish to tag, so come on out! Also, we want to thank Tommy Gomes and Catalina Offshore Products again for their support of the project...the Uni Goop definitely brought the fish in!


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