La Jolla Oct 22

Yesterday was an unbelievable day on the water aboard the Sea Watch. The crew was absolutely awesome, and they made live squid the night before for us. We ended up tagging about 400 calicos to just over 7 lbs!!! We even got a few recaptures from the same day! In other words, we tagged-and-released a calico, and then we caught the same tagged calico about 15 minutes later! We also tagged a few sand bass, and released a number of short white seabass, sheephead, rockfishes (kelps and browns), sargo, and one big fat cabezon :-) The trip aboard the Sea Watch tomorrow is already full, but the trip aboard the Daily Double on Thursday still has a couple spots! Contact us if you can make it! We never fish more than 20 people on a trip, so everyone has plenty of room.